About our Operation

Our bulls are fed for longevity and bred for strong maternal qualities, including disposition, milk quality, and soundness.

What makes a Nick Risse Angus Bull?

Bulls with Market Enhancement Value

We bred our bulls for calving-ease, longevity, and athleticism.
These bulls will sire replacement quality females and will add pounds and positive carcass value to your calf crop.

Angus GS Tested

Angus Genomic Selection is a DNA test to accurately identify traits of an animal.
Each of our bulls is genetically tested, allowing you to select traits and characteristics that will best build your herd.

Semen tested, guaranteed breeders

All bulls have been semen tested, scrotal measured and given a breeding soundness examination by Justin Ward DVM, owner of Ward Veterinary Services.

Performance Records

Performance records for each of our bulls are available sale day. They can also be obtained by contacting us

All of these bulls will have passed a breeding soundness exam prior to sale day. They have been properly vaccinated with a vibrio/lepto and two rounds of a foot-rot vaccine.

Deworming was done in late fall with Dectomax, and have been poured within the last month with CleanUp for lice control. We are proud to be a part of the Risse’s operation. If you have any question regarding these bulls or your own cattle, please give me a call at 403.322.1735.

Dr. Justin Ward

Ward Veterinary Services

Feed and Nutrition

Nutrition is critical for raising a quality bull.

Our bulls were developed slowly and sensibly to maximize longevity and athleticism. A bull’s ability to travel over big country and last multiple seasons is a much more important to us than extreme weights and fat bulls.

All bulls were summered on milk and grass and no calf creep. The cows did the work and it shows in the quality of this year’s crop.

When the bulls were weaned they begin a performance test consisting of a high roughage ration. This diet leads to well conditioned, sound bulls, ready for maximum performance at breeding season.

Working with progressive Seed Stock Producers like the Nick and Tucker Risse family has been a pleasure. They have an outstanding set of bulls this year as you will see.

These bulls were developed on a very high roughage grower ration designed to grow skeletal structure and muscle without compromising the liver and hoof. Special attention was given to health and semen quality to insure they are sound, high performing bulls.

These bulls have a great disposition and are very easy to work with. They have performed very well and will be top performers in your herd for many years to come.

Mark Kruger

Area Feed Manager, Panhandle Cooperative Association

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